Coaching and Counseling

 Are you having difficulties making transformational decisions in your live? Are you experiencing stagnations and setbacks in your life? Is lack of forgiveness holding you back from moving forward with your life?

I work with anyone who is going through betrayal trauma, unhealthy relationships, divorces. I can help you unpack the different layers of unfinished business and the lack of forgiveness which holds you back from moving forward with your life. I move individuals who are merely surviving to thriving, and those who are broken I open the pathway to wholeness and healing. 

Mentorship and Leadership Training

I also specialize in empowering and transforming leaders and executives to become more confident and passionate individuals, who in turn transform the lives of their employees by utilizing appropriate leadership skills and strategies to hire and maintain a loyal and productive staff.

How it works

  • Initial call to determine your coaching needs and what kind of program is right for you.
  • 3 Months program for considerably basic short-term goals
  • 6 Months program for medium goals
  • 12 Months program for more critical and longer-term goals
  • Workshops : 1to 2 days for groups in the community wanting to improve on their leadership and mentoring strategies.


One on one sessions

Couples sessions

Group sessions


Health Insurance 

Purpose and Tenets


To become a source of empowerment by providing transformative life solutions to individuals who are seeking growth and enlightenment in themselves, their relationships, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Bring clarity to those suffering from the effects of betrayal trauma, unforgiveness, divorce and unhealthy relationships, by continually challenging and motivating them to move from just surviving to thriving.


Empower individuals and couples through biblical teachings to honor themselves and their relationships by opening pathways to wholeness and healing to those who are broken.


Transform the lives of people by helping them to break free from their past and old unhealthy habits while embracing new healthy routines.


Provide a supportive network system and resources to those who suffer the unfortunate effects of life’s challenges.


Be of service to individuals and communities who have suffered from several forms of marginalization to regain control of their lives, by providing the education and resources they need to take charge of their destinies.


To encourage individuals to use their personal success stories to inspire others who are still struggling with stagnations and setbacks in their lives.


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